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Vichol is enriched by L-carnithine and vit B 12. L–carnithine stimulates the transformation from fat into energy. Vichol stimulates the production of extra energy because it regulates the metabolism of fat. It’s a stimulator of liver and kidney functions. It stimulates appetite. It reduces stress which is very important to obtain better resistance against harmful micro-organisms.


Analytische bestanddelen: Ruw eiwit: 1,4%; Ruwe celstof: 0%; Ruw vet: 0%; Ruwe as: 4,65%; Vochtigheid: 58%; Natrium: 0,15%; Lysine: 0%; Methionine: 0%\r\nVoedingsadditieven: Cholinechloride: 77 mg / ml; DL-methionine: 5 mg / ml\r\nSamenstelling: Magnesiumsulfaat; Carnitine HCI; Plantenextracten; Sorbitol (E420); Natriumchloride\r\nGebruiksaanwijzing: 1 soeplepel (15 ml) / kg voer