Leon is the father of Sumira who became first out of 12711 pigeons and first out of 1401 pigeons.

His father was second ace pigeon in 2007 and his mother became 4 times first. The breeder of this pigeon, Mr. Oostenbrink became 9 times general champion in his rank.

In the pedigree of this pigeon we find the bloodlines of Marijke Vink, Oving, Willem de Bruin, Koopman, Van de Pasch.

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1st Hasselt 10.276 p.
1st Boxtel 7.651 p.
1st St.Truiden 715 p.
2nd Pommeroeul 12.126 p.
3th Pommeroeul 9.727 p.
4th Gennep 12.711 p.
8th Lommel 12.969 p.
10th Boxtel 9.209 p.
18th Lessines 18.253 p.
3th Olympic pigeon speed Netherlands 2011