Recup Forte

11,00 €

Recup forte is a blend of electrolytes, trace elements, sugars, vitamins and amino-acids. It is a powerful energy supplement. It ensures quick and optimal recovery after strong efforts. The electrolytes support the fluid balance and ensures an optimal acid-base balance in muscles and blood. It supports the performance and general condition.


Analytische bestanddelen: Ruw eiwit: 0,15%; Ruwe celstof: 0%; Ruw vet: 0%; Ruwe as: 1,6%; Vochtigheid: 8,75%; Lysine: 0%; Methionine: 0%; Natrium: 0,5%;\r\nVoedingsadditieven: Vit B2 (E101): 1000 mg; Vit C (E300): 5000 mg\r\nSamenstelling: Citroenzuur; Natriumcitraat; Dextrose; Zout\r\nGebruiksaanwijzing: 2 koffielepels (10 gr) / liter water