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CC cur is a biological product based on herb extracts. It prevents disrupted intestinal function. It is very useful with bacterial and fungal infections. CC cur is recommended in situations of stress and in harmful periods in which micro-organisms attack the racing pigeon. Pigeons become healthier and more vital.


Analytische bestanddelen: Ruw eiwit: 0%; Ruwe celstof: 0%; Ruwe as: 0,1%; Lysine: 0%; Methionine: 0%; Natrium: < 0,1%\r\nVoedingsadditieven: Plantenextracten; Etherische olie van Cinnamomum Cassia\r\nSamenstelling: Ethanol; Natriumchloride\r\nGebruiksaanwijzing: 30 druppels / kg voer