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Puravital is a liquid herb mixture. It is an excellent kidney activator as purifying agent of the blood. The vegetable extracts drain the residues of the fat metabolism. It stimulates the organism in case of an accumulation of waste products in the blood or in cases of overfeeding.


Analytical components: Crude protein: 0,1%; Crude fiber: <0,5%; Crude fat: 0,2%; Crude ash: 0,3%; Moisture: 99,4%; Lysine: 0%; Methionine: 0%; Calcium: 524 mg / kg; Magnesium: 99 mg / kg; Sodium: 128 mg / kg; Sulfur: 77 mg / kg
Nutritional additives: Sodium chloride; Magnesium sulfate
Composition: Formic acid (E236); Propionic acid (E280); Plant extracts
Usage directions: 2 coffee spoons (10 ml) / liter water