Top Pigeons


This is a daughter of Topgun, paired up with the Hilde, sister of Figo.
She is also the sister of the 438-05, mother of the 1st nat.Blois and the 439-05, mother of Katrientje
Topgun was one of the best racing and breeding pigeons in the loft of my friend Gijs Peters.
He was 9 x 1st and 22 x 3 fastest 40000p.
He is father and grandfather of more than 200 first price winners.
He is grandfather of Ferdy: 1st national Blois 07 (71400 p.)
He is grandfather of Ping: 2nd China Huixiang 300 km race ( 5000 p.)
He is grandfather of Katrientje: 1st Bourges 08 (1450 p.), 1st Charleville'10 (1815 p); 2nd Sourdun 08 (1743p); 2nd Pithiviers (1840 p.):
4th Chateauroux (1730 p.);4th Pithiviers (1163 p.); 7th Charleville (16469p.);6th Bourges 1680p.,9th Sezanne (2414 p.);11th provincial Sourdun ( 8327p.)
13th Charleville ( 1927 p.);15th Pithiviers (2105 p.):29th prov Sezanne (7678 p.) Ferdy ,Ping and Katrientje are bred in our loft with artificial insemination.