Top Pigeons


This is a exceptionel cock raced by mrs. and mr. Adam. His racing results have been phenomenal.

In 2008: 10th National Marseille 4000 p
38th International Marseille 13938 p
In 2009: 29th National Marseille 3586 p
84th International Marseille 11833 p
90th National Orange 5237 p
In 2010: 2nd National Marseille 3421 p
2nd International Marseille 10343 p
1st international Acepigeon Marseille 2008-2010
8 times in the first 100 National or International 2008-2010
13 times per 10 National or International 2007-2010

His grandfather was also a very good racer and breeder.
1st prov. Argenton,
8th national Limoges
3th national Perigeux.
This bloodline can race from 500 till 1000 km