Top Pigeons


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Topigeons need top origins
Jan is born of two national winners. The first youngsterof Jan in a race flied the 23th of 2470p ( Charleville).
The father of Jan was 1 st national Brive 2007 ( 16000 p.) paired up with the 1st national Blois 2007( 71400 p.)
The Blois winner is bred in our loft out NAT II x 438-05( TOPGUN- SISTER FIGO)
Nat II was a race and is a breeding phenomenon but also Topgun.He won 9 x 1st and was 22 x top 3 fastest 40000p)
In this pedigree we find the bloodlines of NATIONAL II, TOPGUN and FIGO together. Where can you find a better pedigree.