Top Pigeons


OLIEMAN is the father of the 2nd China Huixiang 300 km race and 152th China Huixiang 500 km race
Inbred TOPGUN. Bloodline TOPGUN,FIGO
Topgun was one of the best racing and breeding pigeons in the loft of my friend Gijs Peters.
He was 9 x 1st and 22 x 3 fastest 40000p.
He is father and grandfather of more than 200 first price winners.
He is grandfather of Ferdy: 1st national Blois 07 (71400 p.)
He is grandfather of Ping: 2nd China Huixiang 300 km race ( 5000 p.)
He is grandfather of Katrientje: 1st Bourges 08 (1450 p.), 1st Charleville 10 (1815 p); 2nd Sourdun 08 (1743p); 2nd Pithiviers (1840 p.):
4th Chateauroux (1730 p.);4th Pithiviers (1163 p.); 7th Charleville (16469p.);
6th Bourges 1680p.,9th Sezanne (2414 p.);11th provincial Sourdun ( 8327p.)
13th Charleville ( 1927 p.);15th Pithiviers (2105 p.):29th prov Sezanne (7678 p.) Ferdy ,Pingo and Katrientje are bred in our loft with artificial insemination.