Top Pigeons


SON FIGO is a famous son of Figo, .Figo won 14 times the first .He was 1 nat Bourges 2001 (12266 p.), 1 prov.acepigeon KBDB 2001 and 3th nat acepigeon KBDB 2001.He was one of the best breeding cocks from the world.
Son Figo was a top breeder in the loft of Kees Bosua.
He is:
father of the 1st nat Blois 9545p.
father of the 1st Chantilly 11499 p.
father of the 83th NPO Epernay 5953 p.
father of the 79th NPO Bourges 12905 p.
father of the 1st Oudenaarde 3129 p.
grandfather of the 1st NPO Epernay 5953 p
grandfather of the 1st Peronne 4432 p
grandfather of the 56th St-Quetin 14770 p.
grandfather of the 6th national Ablis 10126p.
grandfather of the 80th Peronne 14010 p.
He was grandfather of the 43th Peronne 4258