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THUNDERBOLT is a direct son of the famous Bliksem from Gaby Vandenabeele's loft.In this bloodline we find the Kolonel , Wittenbuik.It is also a typical cross from long distance with middle distance pigeons.
de Bliksem was a very good racer:
Chartres: 5th 668p. ; Poitiers 1st 1148 p.; Perigeux 5th 1119p.
Chateauroux 67th 7201 p. ; Poitiers 8th 2975 p.; Ruffec 4th 1778 p.
But the Bliksem was also a phenomenal breeder. The Harry from Jan Hooymans is a Bliksem product and won 1° Nat Asduif Dagfond WHZB 2009 ;1° Asduif Dagfond ‘The best of the best’ 2009 ;1° Nederlands Asduif West Europese Landencup Fond te Dortmund 2009. The Best, 1 national acepigeon middle distance WHZB 2008 in my loft has also Kolonel and Wittenbuik blood.
The 2nd pigeon in Sun City Million Dollar Race 2010 was a Bliksem pigeon
Thunderbolt is a cock with a very expressive look.I bought this pigeon from a pigeon collector.