Artificial Insemination


Before we start artificial insemination we need to examine semen of the cock.
Before collection of the sperm we must keep the cock separated from the hen to have enough fresh semen to work with artificial insemination.

  • A cock paired with his hen doesn't produce fresh sperm for artificial insemination.
  • In the moulting season, the cock doesn't produce sperm.
  • Prelevation of sperm is not possible with cocks which have not received 15 hours of daylight.

When you apply artificial insemination, you must keep the cocks sober at the day of prelevation to avoid problems with droppings at the moment of doing massage on the cock.

Since we work with living material, it is possible that the cock won't give sperm. In this case, make sure that you can provide a second cock.

We advice to give your cocks animal proteïns (colostrum, egg food) twice a week.


In our research centre, hens are paired with sterilised cocks but it could be practised with normal pairs, where the cocks are kept from contact with female "pairing on sight&quote; until the han has dropped its eggs.

The optimum day for insemination is day 6-7 in winter breeding and day 4-6 in summer breeding.

  • When the hen drops its eggs within 5 days after the insemination, both eggs are fertilised normally.
  • When the hen doesn't drop its eggs within 5 days after the insemination, it is best to fertilise her a second time.
  • For artificial insemintion, we advice to use hens that breed regularly.
  • We advice to give your hens animal proteïns (colostrum, egg food) twice a week.